Customized Solutions Spanning the Spectrum of Polyamides


From PA 6 and PA 66 to high performance semi-aromatic polyamides, to high temperature resistant specialty PPAs, Teknor Apex has you covered.  We combine this broad range of polyamide chemistries with advanced modification technologies; to deliver unmatched value to our customers. This unique expertise is what differentiates us from most other material providers, be it large resin companies or a regional compounder.  With industry leading technologies in cross-linkable thermoplastics and hard-soft material combinations, Teknor Apex is a trusted problem solver that will partner with you from the initial part design to commercialization.

With such a comprehensive portfolio of polyamide chemistries and technologies, Teknor Apex will guide you to the most appropriate solution for your unique application.  Our materials toolkit aims to increase your design freedom and processing window, not restrict them by forcing you to select an off-the-shelf material from a standard portfolio.  Let us customize a solution that meets your performance requirements, aesthetic preferences, and cost targets.

One of our most trusted solutions, Creamid® S, is a partially aromatic PA that allows designers to push the limits of strength and stiffness while maintaining a smooth, surface finish.  Creamid S can be used in class A surfaces, even with glass loadings up to 60%. These semi-aromatic polyamides are excellent candidates for automotive and industrial structural components, especially in metal replacement.



  • Broad product portfolio based on PA 66 and PA 6
  • Widely recognized with extensive automotive OEM approvals
  • Optimized grades for cost effectiveness


Creamid® A / B / C

  • Broad product portfolio based on PA 66, PA 6, and PA 66/6
  • Regulated grades for direct food contact
  • UL listed grades for E&E applications


Creamid® P

  • Bridges the performance gap between standard PA 6 and PA 66
  • Absorbs Nearly 1/3 less water at saturation than standard PA 6
  • Improved mechanical strength and dimensional stability compared to standard PA 6


Creamid® S

  • Excellent alternatives to die cast metals
  • Extreme strength and stiffness 
  • Outstanding surface aesthetics
  • Retains properties after conditioning