Semi-Aromatic Polyamide Compounds Combine Strength and Aesthetics for Metal Replacement

Creamid® S polyamides achieve very high levels of strength and stiffness, while maintaining an outstanding high-gloss surface finish. The tensile and flexural strengths of these semi-aromatic polyamides are minimally influenced by moisture absorption, making them excellent alternatives to die cast metals in structural and aesthetic components. Creamid S polyamides contain up to 60% glass fiber or up to 40% carbon fiber reinforcement and are designed for injection molded structural parts. 

Creamid® S Polyamide Compounds Deliver:

  • High strength and stiffness even after moisture absorption
  • Ease in processing with existing polyamide tooling and processing parameters
  • A highly aesthetic surface – free of glass fiber, resin rich and high gloss
  • Excellent flow even with 60% GF loading allowing for extremely thin walls
  • Very good dimensional stability and low warpage


Metal Replacement: The Advantages of Creamid Polyamides

Teknor Apex offers multiple advanced material solutions as alternatives to metal in structural components, including Creamid S semi-aromatic PA and Creamid P low moisture absorbing PACreamid high performance polyamides offer the following advantages over metals:

  • Significant weight reduction
  • Significantly lower total part cost
  • Increased design freedom
  • Increased tool life
  • Elimination of secondary operations
  • Elimination of corrosion problems
  • Ability to mold-in-color
  • Improved resistance to certain salts (Creamid S only)

Teknor Apex is your global partner for highly engineered thermoplastic materials. Our product portfolio spans a broad spectrum of thermoplas­tic performance, and in combination with industry leading technologies, allows us to provide you with the most optimized material options. Our expertise lies in designing solutions to address unique application requirements that cannot be met using standard materials. If you’re facing per­formance issues with an existing part or looking for the right material for a new design, contact us for a custom solution. You can rely on Teknor Apex for high levels of service and support from concept to launch; in design, prototyping and process optimization.

Get a glimpse of what Creamid S materials have to offer and download a data sheet, or contact us directly for a product recommendation or custom solution.

Click here to access Creamid S technical data sheets and processing guides.


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