Specialty Polyamide Solutions

PA 6 (Nylon 6), PA 66 (Nylon 66) and PA 66/6 (Nylon 66/6)

The Creamid® brand of polyamide materials are well-known in many industries, from automotive to consumer goods, for meeting very unique performance requirements when standard materials fall short.  Designers and engineers of technical components in collaboration with Teknor Apex, successfully convert metal parts to plastic, and resolve issues related to part performance, surface aesthetics and processing.

One of the key components in Creamid high performance polyamides is the inorganic reinforcement. Options range from mineral fillers, such as talc, calcium carbonate, kaolin, etc., to various types of glass: short glass fibers, flat glass, glass beads, and hollow glass spheres, to specialty carbon-based reinforcing fibers. Selecting the right type and level of these reinforcements is a critical compromise. While offering improvements in mechanical properties, such as rigidity and HDT, there are numerous tradeoffs with the use of reinforcing agents, including, but not limited to: increased specific gravity, poor part surface, warpage, and reduced flow/processability.  With decades of formulation experience, Teknor Apex is your reliable and trusted partner for an optimized material solution.


Characteristics of Creamid® High Performance Polyamides (Nylon):


  • High strength and stiffness
  • High impact strength
  • High temperature resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Good electrical properties
  • Excellent flow and processability

A select group of Creamid polyamides are designed specifically for regulated applications, and includes UL certified grades as well as grades suitable for direct food contact.

The Creamid product portfolio is grouped by  polyamide chemistry:

Creamid® A High Performance PA 66
(Nylon 66)

For maximum rigidity and thermal stability, Creamid A grades are best suited for applications requiring superior thermal performance.

Creamid® B High Performance PA 6
(Nylon 6)

These materials exhibit good toughness and high flow, making them easy to process, and resulting in better surface aesthetics.

Creamid® C Blends and Copolyamides
(PA 6/66, PA66 + PA6, Nylon 6/66)

Combining the performance advantages of PA 66 and PA 6, Creamid C alloys and copolymers balance high thermal resistance with improved processability.

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Industries Served


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