Low Moisture Uptake Polyamide Solutions Bridge the Performance Gap between PA 6 and PA 66

Creamid® P materials absorb nearly one-third less water at saturation than standard PA 6, resulting in a 15-25% improvement in tensile properties and improved dimensional stability, resulting in less warpage and more consistent, better performing parts. Designed for use in structural components, Creamid P polyamides can contain up to 60% glass fiber or up to 40% carbon fiber reinforcement, and maintain an excellent aesthetic surface. These high-flow materials that fill even the most complex molds with ease.

Creamid P polyamides are highly customizable and available in the quantities you need, in black, natural and pre-colored form. Our technology enhancements include: standard glass or mineral reinforcements, flame retardants (FR), and specialty reinforcements or additives that further improve performance like reduce warpage or increase wear resistance.  Select grades are designed for food contact applications.


Creamid P Polyamides Deliver:  

  • High strength and stiffness even after moisture absorption vs std. PA 6
  • Ease in processing with existing polyamide tooling and processing parameters
  • A highly aesthetic surface – free of glass fiber, resin rich and high gloss
  • Excellent flow even with 60% GF loading allowing for extremely thin walls
  • Very good dimensional stability and low warpage

For more information and comparison data, download our ebook.

Industries Served


Our ETP solutions are used in a variety of industries.