Your Sustainable Material Source for Eco-conscious Applications

In regards to the use of thermoplastics, environmental sustainability is defined differently in every industry, and these definitions are still evolving.  At Teknor Apex, we understand that there isn't one standard solution that can address everyone's sustainability goals, and we're continuously working to deliver more options for our customers. Whether your "green" initiative involves the replacement of finite virgin feedstocks with recycled content or with bio-based alternatives, we can help.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Collaboration is key throughout the supply chain.  We will work directly with you to design a material that not only meets your unique sustainability goals, but also satisfies your end-use performance requirements and cost targets. We have established strong, long-term relationships with reliable suppliers to provide you with access to the latest innovations in sustainable alternatives, and we continue to explore new opportunities every day. 

Sustainable Polyamide Alternatives

We offer a broad portfolio of sustainable alternatives to virgin polyamides like PA 6 and PA 66, including compounds containing:

  • Post-consumer recycled (PCR) content
  • Post-industrial recycled (PIR) content
  • Bio-based materials derived from renewable resources

Specialty blends are also available to address the most demanding performance and aesthetic requirements, while meeting sustainability goals.

Recyclon® Recycled Polyamide Solutions

The Recyclon® product line delivers grades that contain up to 100% recycled resin content, and yet offer a high degree of consistency in performance and processability. To achieve these high material standards, Recyclon grades leverage decades of formulation expertise, in combination with careful selection of PIR and PCR resin feedstocks, strong quality control checks and a robust production process. This product consistency enables a more consistent manufacturing process for our customers.  The graph below illustrates the lot-to-lot consistency of our recycled nylon products.  The tensile strength data from 80 production runs reveals a very high degree of consistency.

Interested in learning more about Recyclon? Download our product guide for additional information and technical data. 

Circular Economy: Closed Loop Recycling Options 

Looking for better ways to utilize your waste streams?  Collaborate with Teknor Apex and transform your waste into a reusable raw material. Contact us  for more information.