Radiation Crosslinkable Thermoplastics

Avoid the Use of Ultra-high Performance Polymers by Boosting the Performance of Standard Engineering Thermoplastics

If your current polyamide or polyester solution is failing to meet critical performance requirements, forcing you to evaluate expensive ultra-high performance polymers, consider Teknor Apex cross-linkable thermoplastics. This unique technology enhances the performance of standard engineering thermoplastics like PA 6, PA 66, PPA, PBT, etc. allowing manufacturers to meet more demanding requirements. These cross-linkable materials are readily processed using standard thermoplastic injection molding equipment and tooling. Cross-linking offers up to 40% cost savings versus exotic resins like PEEK, PPS and LCP. 




Improved Mechanical Performance

  • Increased creep resistance
  • Increased wear and abrasion resistance
  • Increased weld line strength
  • Increased stress crack resistance



Improved Thermal & Electrical Performance

  • Increased glass transition temperature (Tg)
  • Withstands short term temperature spike above polymer melting point
  • Improved HWI, GWFI and GWIT
  • Improved rheological control at elevated temperatures
  • Improved thermal recovery from mechanical deformation



Improved Chemical Performance

  • Increased chemical resistance
  • Reduction of solubility
  • Reduction of swelling

This image depicts how cross-linking significantly improves the ability to withstand temperature spikes that may arise in demanding applications.  This part is molded from a glass fiber reinforced PA 66, which has a melting point of approximately 265 °C. After cross-linking the part is able to survive temperatures as high as 300 °C for short periods of time.


How Does Cross-linking Work?

Teknor Apex supplies cross-linkable compounds in pellet form, for processing on standard thermoplastic injection molding equipment.  Molded parts are then exposed to e-beam radiation, and a three-dimensional network is formed on a molecular level. The cross-linked parts remain unchanged in terms of appearance or size, but part performance is significantly improved.


Cross-linkable Product Portfolio:

  • Creamid® V: Cross-linkable Polyamides
  • Createc® V: Cross-linkable Polyesters

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