High Performance Polypropylene (PP) Compounds

The Crealen product line aims to push the performance limits of polypropylene and deliver a custom solution that meets your unique needs. Crealen offers enhanced performance versus standard polypropylene compounds, in particular higher impact toughness and superior long term thermal stability. The product line includes reinforced, halogen-free flame retardant grades which are finding use globally in electronic vehicles (EV).  

Other specialty grades are available and deliver the most optimum balance of stiffness and impact strength. Specialty Crealen PP compounds have successfully replaced expensive engineering plastics, enabling not only significant weight savings but also overall cost savings for the customer. Teknor Apex draws on decades of compounding expertise, and will provide you with the most optimized and cost effective solution customized to your requirements.

With so many formulation options, Crealen PP compounds are used in a wide range of injection molding and extrusion applications in a variety of industries.  Crealen is an ideal choice for various automotive applications, as a light-weight material with good mechanical properties, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and the ability to bond to standard thermoplastic elastomers (TPS, TPV, TPO) using 2K or insert molding.

Industries Served