Ultimately, custom compounds take on many forms. The fact that we serve the seven vital industries listed below is proof of this fact. Our capabilities span from buckets to boots to junction boxes, dashboards to ear buds to garden hoses, kayaks to toys to boat docks. All across the world, people come into contact with products we had a hand in making. At Teknor, that’s a major reason why we love what we do.

Teknor provides a wide range of compounds for the building and construction industry. While our abundance of products demonstrates our decades of expertise, it also showcases our ability to provide custom compounds for this high-volume industry. Custom solutions come from customer collaborations, so together we’re contributing innovative products to this critical industry.

Within the consumer market, our custom compounds come into contact with human hands every day around the world. Be it TPE, nylon, or vinyl solutions, our goal is to enhance a product’s functionality, all while it ensuring it meets our customer’s exact specifications. Our library of compounds is astounding due to the close partnerships we have with our customers. These relationships continue to generate custom compounds perfectly suited for the consumer industry.

In the middle of the 20th century, rubber wire and cable insulation and jacketing was pushed aside by the rise of plastics. Teknor stood at the forefront of this crucial shift, and continues to innovate products today. We’ll never stop raising the benchmarks for extrusion and molding compounds for the electrical and electronics industry, and the superior performance and excellent processing characteristics of our products are a testament to that promise.

Why do industrial manufacturers seeking standard formulations or custom compounds turn to Teknor? Because of the value we place on customer relationships, as well as our decades of expertise with vinyl, nylon, and thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs). For a demanding market with seemingly countless applications, our vast array of products have been specifically designed to meet a variety of unique industrial needs.

For medical applications, it’s always a matter of trust. Within this industry many of our thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) and vinyl compounds have stood the test of time, providing exceptional performance while meeting the most rigid safety regulations. We’ve partnered with many of our customers to create compounds for the medical market, so our extensive product list demonstrates our collaborative spirit, and speaks to how that list will never stop growing.

Our vast compounding experience allows us to offer a wide range of regulated compounds for packaging applications. From food containers to shampoo bottles to shrink wrap, our packaging solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Our ability to customize impact strength, combined with our superior resin quality and consistency, translates to high-quality products and higher production yields.

Few industries are as demanding as transportation is. However, Teknor has never been daunted by the challenge, and over the years we’ve worked with manufacturers that require vinyl, nylon, and thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) to meet their transportation needs. From compounds that hide under the hood to the ones more obvious on the exterior, Teknor’s vast product lineup makes it the perfect partner for manufacturers in this critical industry.



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