Our vision

As preferred worldwide operating provider of Thermoplastic Elastomers and Engineering Thermoplastics.



Teknor Apex offers its clients worldwide in all business areas excellent products and services. We work always in line with high ethical standards. This belongs not only to our fundamental cornerstone of our business reputation, but also leads to a long, trustful cooperation with clients, employees and suppliers. Our working environment supports innovations and stimulates the determination and teamwork. We engage in the framework of a constant training and further development so that our employees can realize their best potential at every time. The safety and healthiness of our employees is very important for us. Moreover we make a contribution to the welfare of the community and neighbourhoods, in which we do our business. Working together and sharing this vision, secures the financial success of our company so that it can grow further and to fill us with great pride.



We adhere to high ethical standards and support in all business divisions the personal connectedness and responsibility for our products.


In view of our collaboration with our clients, employees and suppliers we always strive for a long and enriching business relationship. We treat each other, our products and processes with respect. In order to maintain our strength we operate as team that constantly brings in line ability and interdependency.


We create a working environment, which enables our team to solve challenges fast and flexible and to make available for our customers advanced products and processes, which are of particular value for them especially in view of the rapidly changing market. In order to remain at the forefront of product development, we research continually new technologies.


We provide a safe working environment and take extremely serious our responsibilities towards the well-being and the interests of the society, in which we operate. As successful company we enable consequently thousands of employees worldwide to lead an adequate standard of living.